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About Us

About Us

We are a young, dynamic and tech freak enthusiasts team with more than 10 years experience. We love what we do and IT Call Out Services is our big adventure, in which we'll love you to take part of it.

Computers are made to make our lives easier, help us in our jobs, get us entertained, but sometimes can get complicated, expensive and a painful headache… That's why our goals are to save you time without having to go somewhere to solve problems with it, we do free pick-up and delivery, save you money with our competitive fair prices for all of our wide board of services, promotions and freebies.

If your working or personal computers need taking care of, we are here for you, so please contact us, lay back, and relax...

Our Services

We've just launched, our idea about what and how we give you service is big, and we are really excited with it, which means that things don't end here.

We encourage you to stay tuned as the services we are designing and developing for future releases will make an awesome experience for you with IT Call Out Services.

For now we are giving service in Byron Bay, Suffolk Park, Lennox Head, Cumbalum, Ballina, Ocean Shores, Mullumbimby, Myocum, Coorabel, Federal, Bangalow and nearby areas.

We'll help in the best, fastest, cheapest and easyest way possible. Services might suit your needs are listed below. If you require any of this, or can't find what you are looking for, drop us a line and we'll get back to you with more information.

About Us

Computer repair and maintenance

If your having troubles with your computer or it is not working, don’t think everything is lost. A good diagnostic can save you some money!

  • Damaged parts replacement
  • Components upgrade
  • Migration to a new computer
  • Computer reinstallation
  • Performance optimization

Malware removal

When your computer starts running slow, showing popups or doing weird things, it may be infected. Using the latest tools, we will detect and remove any malware from your computer.

  • Virus
  • Adwares
  • Spam
  • Trojans
  • Worms
  • Spywares

Data Recovery

There is always a chance to recover data that has been accidentally deleted or located on a damaged device.

  • Operating System recovery
  • Deleted files/folders recovery
  • Damaged hard drives
  • Damaged USB drives
  • Complete confidentiality assured
  • Secure destruction of hard drives


Whether performing a new installation or having problems on an existing network, we can support you!

  • Troubleshooting
  • Configuration
  • Design
  • Management
  • Maintenance

Computer Sale

Need a new computer? We will offer the best option according to your needs.

  • Advise for a new computer
  • On demand computer assembly
  • Help on initial setup

Coming soon...

To give you better services, we are working to update and expand them.

  • Full online client admin
  • Web app
  • Remote service
  • Security services

Web Projects

Web development is another passion of ours. For example, this website, we've built it, as well as our after service paying web app.

We have a long carreer in web development plus we really enjoy learning new stuff and being at the forefront. So if you want or need a new kickass website, do some work on an existing one, change designs or would like to know what might suit you best, write us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

What we do

  • UX and Web Design (we do print design as well)
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Native and Web Apps
  • CMS Development (Wordpress, Drupal, Yoomla, Umbraco, etc)
  • E-commerce
  • Blogs
  • SEO & SEM
  • Consulting
  • eMarketing
  • Social Media

Contact Us

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